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Iron 18th Century Style Rim Lock 8 x 4 1/4"

Iron 18th Century Style Rim Lock 8 x 4 1/4"

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This exquisite reproduction rim lock is exceptional in quality and attention to detail. This rim lock would be great for any older home restoration projects or new homes that desire a connection to the past.

This rim lock would complete any front entry door or side door, but could also be used on inteior doors. They are functionally reliable and latch and lock the door. The interior of the door receives the surface mounted lock case and the exterior shows the round knob and cylinder swing cover. The lock body measures is 8" x 4 1/4" and the keeper, which mounts on the frame measures 1.5" x 4 1/4". The lock case, which is slightly beveled like the originals, is made from iron and available in either a painted black finish or blackend and oiled (please specify when ordering). We supply 1 3/4" un-lacquered round solid brass knobs with the lock as standard. Being un-laquered the bright brass will dull over time to warmer brown tones, just like the originals.

The locking bolt function works from the interior with the skeleton key or via the thumb slide at the bottom of the rim lock case. On the exterior the bolt is thrown via the modern day keyed cylinder (Schlage C Keyway). This cylinder is covered by a swing cover, which when moved to the side shows the cylinder for you to unlock the door.

Door preparation and conditions: Typically a rim lock would be mounted at the cross rail on the door. Take care to make sure your cross rail, if you have one, is large enough to accommodate the lock. The door can work on door thickness of 1 3/4" and up. For new doors there should be no existing lock preparation (no holes). Rim locks should be mounted in the field with the lock in hand. The keeper usually needs to be let into the door trim to mount flush with he lock on the surface of the door. Should you have any questions on application, please don't hesitate to call us. Should you live locally, we can also provide a professional installation.

An order will take between 3-4 week to manufacture and due to the nature of the product, returns cannot be accepted.

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